Benefits of Post Operative Recovery.

The therapies I offer are geared towards speeding up your recovery time, reducing the risk of scar tissue forming and earlier realisation of results. Surgery or multiple surgeries builds pressure and inflammation, overwhelming the lymphatic system and in turn compromises natural ability to heal.

In the early days of recovery, I will help you detoxify your body clearing remnants of anaesthetic and help you reduce the trauma of bruising and swelling. Stimulating the bodies lymphatic system through a series of different techniques such as lymphatic drainage, deep oscillation therapy, myofascial release and lymphasical taping will support you through key stages of recovery.

My advice and guidance will help you manage your recovery at home and encourage a positive outlook towards your end result. The realisation of a quicker result of surgery fosters positive mind body connection and promotes the cycle of getting back to doing the things you enjoy.

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How I Work

The ideal scenario for optimum recovery is to work with clients around 48 hours after surgery. I recommend that clients who elect to have these procedures done book a free consultation to discuss details of their surgery and book their sessions with me beforehand. One to two sessions preoperatively, the rest close following surgery.

Where this isn’t possible, the message is sooner the better.

I work in prebooked blocks of treatment delivered intensely within days of surgery. It’s vital to book out my availability to undertake sessions delivered timely. If more sessions are required, I will advise accordingly. I only work exclusively with small numbers of clients at any time. Whilst it’s not possible to have too many treatments, my services are results based, the aim being to help you recover quickly, reduce risk of fibrosis and enhance your results.

Recommended protocols for face and bodily surgeries would be to undergo a minimum of four sessions.

For liposuction and liposculpting patients, working from experience and with advice and guidance from top Surgeons my recommendations are as follows.


3 Sessions


5-10 Sessions


5-10 Sessions

Inner/Outer Thighs

6 Sessions

For multiple surgeries that will overwhelm the bodies own ability to recover, I would insist on booking packages of 10 treatments.

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