Advance Lymphatics

Advance Lymphatics is a specialist clinic offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Deep Oscillation Therapy to treat clients who have had cosmetic surgery. Our non-invasive therapies help reduce swelling, clear bruising and quicken the healing process, thus recovery time is significantly reduced. Furthermore, our treatments enhance the results of surgical procedures and help to restore body balance.

We also offer pain management for clients with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and associated pain conditions.

We offer a consultative approach and all treatments are client centred with a thorough programme of advice and aftercare We are based at The Wellness Centre, Cavendish Court, South Parade, Doncaster which is a purpose designed space also, hosting bodywork therapists and aesthetic treatment providers.

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Wayne Gosh

Meet Wayne Ghosh, SCMTDip MTI CNHC MLDUK

Our Clinical Director is Wayne Ghosh and is trained in The Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and has successfully ran a soft tissue therapy practice since 2015.

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GPs and Aesthetic Surgeons

We welcome referrals from General Practitioners and Aesthetic Surgeons where patients require specialist follow on care. We are happy to offer contracted Manual Lymphatic Drainage services to complement your existing offering. By creating a seamless stream of follow on care with a specialist such as ourselves, we feel we can enhance the patient care and recovery journey.

To speak to us regarding a referral or to enquire about collaborative working, please contact 01302 456 270 or fill in the referral form below and we'll call you.

Patient referral

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