Manual Lymphatic Massage Therapy and Cosmetic Surgery Recovery.

Typical procedures we can help you recover from:

Liposuction/Vaser Liposuction
Tummy Tuck/Mini Tummy Tuck
Breast Augmentation
Facelift/ Eye Lift
Gynecomastia Revision

About Advance Lymphatics in Doncaster

Advance Lymphatics is a specialist clinic offering cosmetic surgery recovery therapy such as manual lymphatic drainage, deep oscillation therapy and treatment of Fibromyalgia/Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

Our services are primarily aimed at clients who have undergone post operative surgery, aesthetic procedures and who are seeking help managing swelling and ongoing medical conditions.

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Why do I need Lymphatic Drainage and Massage?

The therapies I offer are geared towards speeding up your recovery time, reducing the risk of scar tissue forming and earlier realisation of results. Surgery or multiple surgeries builds pressure and inflammation, overwhelming the lymphatic system and in turn compromises natural ability to heal.

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We tailor and plan lymphatic treatment to each client depending on surgery the client has had and phase of recovery.

We offer a consultative approach and all treatments are client centered with a thorough programme of advice and aftercare designed to help with cosmetic surgery recovery.

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